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L-Team: Specialists for the future of soil

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L-Team Episode 12

NEW! Mission #12: The Solitair DT masters all soil conditions in the USA

The final of the L-Team: Farmer Ryan Searle is behind schedule with his sowing due to heavy moisture. Can the Solitair DT cope with the diverse soil conditions in the USA?

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Mission #11: Working in maize stubble in Canada with the Karat 10

More robust maize stubble is becoming a challenge for Canadian farmer Joe when it comes to stubble cultivation. The L-Team introduces the Karat 10.

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Mission #10: Hoeing without fatigue with the EC-Weeder

A new challenge awaits in Lower Saxony: hoeing by day and night? The EC-Weeder and precise camera technology from LEMKEN make it possible.

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Mission #9: Creating perfect conditions – Seedbed preparation in northern France

How can the perfect conditions for sowing be created with just one operation? The L-Team takes up the challenge in the north of France.

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Mission #8: How does stubble cultivation work in dry conditions?

Is efficient stubble cultivation of dry soils possible? The L-Team rises to the challenge!

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Farmer with LEMKEN expert

#7: Efficient Fertilising in Northern Ireland

Efficient fertilising? The L-Team with the Polaris 14 in Northern Ireland!

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LEMKEN L-Team Episode 6 Video

Mission #6: Basic soil cultivation: Juwel 8 with furrow press replaces several machines

Effective subsoil cultivation with the plough? The L-Team with the Juwel 8 in South Africa!

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Mission #5: Seed drills – experiences with the new Solitair 9+ Duo

What are the innovations in LEMKEN seeding technology? That’s what the young farmer Anna-Maria would like to find out. A mission for the L-Team, because there have been a number of developments.

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Mission #4: Improving clay soil with the Koralin

Drought in the top soil centimetres – this challenge is waiting for the L-Team in England. Will the Koralin 9 be able to help farmer David Felce?

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Mission #3: Mechanical weed control with the EC weeder

The team Farmer Bert Horsting LEMKEN specialist Hans Hoogland Are you interested in mechanical weed control? Steketee EC-Weeder Weeding Technology

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Mission #2: Fighting the drought in agriculture

The team LEMKEN specialist Thomas Roger Farmer Romain Provot Dealer Emmanuel Gourdeau

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Mission #1: Laying corn using the DeltaRow method

The Team LEMKEN specialist Johannes Kisters Farmer Carina Dünchem Farmer Alex Pütz You want to know more about LEMKEN seeding technology? Azurit and DeltaRow LEMKEN sowing technology Precision seeding

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