Mission #4: Improving clay soil with the Koralin

Ultra shallow soil cultivation with the Koralin 9:
The L-Team continues its journey. The fourth mission takes the L-Team to Huntington, England. There they are welcomed by farmer David Felce who grows conventional crops for the region such as wheat, barley and oilseeds on a total of 100 ha of land.

Our mission: improving the clay soil. The challenge: The challenge: Mainly the top 5 cm of soil, which is very dry. The solution: Thanks to ultra shallow tillage, the Koralin 9 can loosen the clay soil.

Watch the video to see the field test. Will the LEMKEN cultivator help the farmer create a fine crumble in the top 5 cm of soil? Only in this way can David Felce create the ideal conditions for drilling.

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