Mission #1: Laying corn using the DeltaRow method

Our L-Team is always ready when you need them and will be there to support you. Today’s mission is about maize cultivation. Farmer Alex Pütz has called our podcast duo Johannes Kisters and Carina Dünchem to Wehr in Rhineland-Palatinate. Together with his family, he owns a dairy and bull fattening farm where they grow maize on mainly sandy and dry areas. The fodder maize is very important for Alex, so we help him to secure his maize yield.

Brief stocktaking: The soil has been prepared, the conditions for the maize are good, so the seeds can be sown with the Azurit 10 using the DeltaRow method. The result: the seed is sown in a triangular formation so that the maize plants grow at a greater distance from each other. The advantage: The plants can better absorb water, nutrients, and light. In addition, a higher energy storage in the cobs is possible.

Watch the video to see how the L-team and farmer Alex cultivate the maize. We hope you enjoy watching and that Alex can harvest plenty of maize!

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