Soil fertility

One of the most important properties of our soils when it comes to cultivation, is fertility. On fertile soil, high-quality plants such as cereals, vegetables or fodder and energy crops, can be produced sustainably by our farmers. The yield capacity of the soil is the main characteristic of soil fertility. The positive effect of diverse crop rotations and organic fertilisation, can create a buffer in the soil. This buffer continuously provides nutrients for plant growth, and thus maintains soil fertility.

LEMKEN Bodentour Folge 4 Putenzucht

SoilTour Episode #4: Sowing on volcanic weathering soils in Hessen

Which challenges does a volcanic weathered soil present? Find out more information in episode 4.

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Bodenfruchtbarkeit Humus

Humus – the guarantor of soil fertility

What actually is humus and how can you positively influence the humus build-up?

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Loess soil – fertile but dusty gold

Loess soil, selected by the German Soil Science Society as Soil of the Year 2021, is probably one of the most valuable and favorable soils in arable farming.

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