Soil optimisation

Our soil is exposed to many stresses: Soil compaction in the root zone impedes plant growth and vitality, compaction-induced waterlogging suffocates microorganisms and roots, periods of low rainfall lead to drought stress and cause plant damage, and a lack of nutrients and low microbiological processes prevent a natural upgrading of the upper soil layers. The potential for soil optimisation is high and diverse. By introducing species-specific soil additives or adapted soil cultivation, the soil structure is sustainably improved and the resistance and immune system of plants are strengthened.

Zwischenfrüchte Mischungen

Intercropping for soil optimisation

In addition to their function as a food source for numerous insects and as a shelter for small game, catch crops can contribute significantly to the optimization of the soil. The cultivation of catch crops is an important component in the system of conservation tillage, as effects of tillage can be mimicked through catch crop cultivation.

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LEMKEN Bodentour Folge 5 Niederrhein-Soja Dierkes Genneper

SoilTour episode #5: Soybean cultivation in the Lower Rhine region

The LEMKEN SoilTour leads us to soybean cultivation in the Lower Rhine region. We show you in the video episode 5 what this means for soil cultivation.

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Bodentour Thilo Jäger

SoilTour Episode #1: Contractor in Lower Saxony

What is important when taking soil samples? We accompany a contractor at work.

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Bodenoptimierung Fruchtfolgen

Crop rotations – what is good with which and what does the soil say?

Crop rotation is not a mystery, but actually just the chronological sequence of crops grown on the same agricultural land. The more diverse this crop rotation is, the more varied the agricultural landscape will be.

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Bodenbearbeitung fruchtbare Bodenkrümel

Tillage creates root space – to plough or not?

How to improve the tillage conditions with the plow? What do you have to consider when recompacting?

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Bodenoptimierung mit dem Pflug

Soil optimisation by the plough – is it even possible?

Turning soil with the plow, a more gentle conservation tillage or rather no-till – a question that many farms have to deal with again and again. Does the plow harm soil fertility or does it reduce the humus content of the soil by releasing carbon and thus even fuel climate change?

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