SoilTour episode #5: Soybean cultivation in the Lower Rhine region

This time, the destination of the soil tour are the farms of Klaus Genneper and Rainer Dierkes in the Lower Rhine region. Both own an arable farm and together they run a farm shop where they sell their production, which is processed into animal feed, among other things. Here too, in the Lower Rhine region, there are variable soil conditions, which means that Marie not only visits a soybean field in a light soil, but also loamy soil with a high clay content in which a Rubin 9 works.

Soybean from the Lower Rhine

We have only borrowed the soil from our parents to pass on to the next generation.

Rainer Dierkes
LEMKEN Bodentour Folge 5 Niederrhein Soja Futter
LEMKEN Bodentour Folge 5 Körner
LEMKEN Bodentour Folge 5 Futter
LEMKEN Bodentour Folge 5 Körnermix
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