Soil forms the top layer of the earth and its composition is constantly changing. A wide variety of soil types exist because of previous geological events, and climatic conditions. Flora and fauna, the proximity or distance to surface and underground waters, and much more, constantly change the composition of the soil. In Germany, for example, hundreds of different soil varieties can be found, all with different properties. In Europe, there are more than 10,000 different soil types. So there is a lot to discover…

Was bedeutet Boden für dich?
LEMKEN Bodentour

SoilTour 2021

We take the farmers’ perspective and have started a SoilTour through Germany, in which we look closely at the diversity of soils.

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Soil poster

Soil poster – 9 facts about the soil

Interesting features that you surely don’t know all about yet!

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Bodenposter Ernährung

Soil and Food

How many people does one farmer feed?

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Biodiversität und Boden

Soil and Biodiversity

Each hectare of soil is: 2 t earthworms which create 9,000 km of tunnels a pore volume of 90 m3 and a surface area equivalent to 7 football fields Sources

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LEMKEN Digital Event Boden

Digital Event Soil: Productive & healthy

4. LEMKEN Digital Event 18th of June 2021

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Boden - Haut der Erde

The soil – the skin of the earth

Soil is an important basis for life and a resource that is only marginally renewable. It fulfills numerous functions that are necessary for life. But do we actually know the soil beneath our feet, or does much knowledge remain hidden beneath its surface?

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Lössboden Detail

Soil of the Year 2021

Each year, under the “Soil of the Year” campaign, a board of trustees selects a representative of the great diversity of soils worldwide to be given special attention this year.

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Boden 7 Fakten

7 facts about our soils

These facts are common to all our different soil types and species.

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