LEMKEN L-Team Episode 6 Video

Mission #6: Basic soil cultivation: Juwel 8 with furrow press replaces several machines

Effective subsoil cultivation with the plough? The L-Team with the Juwel 8 in South Africa!

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Bodenbearbeitung fruchtbare Bodenkr├╝mel

Tillage creates root space – to plough or not?

How to improve the tillage conditions with the plow? What do you have to consider when recompacting?

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Boden r├╝ckverfestigen

Reconsolidate soil – know how!

The aim of any soil cultivation is to create optimum growth conditions for the plants. The type and timing of a measure have an influence on the physical and chemical conditions in the soil. The reconsolidation of the soil after previous loosening is of particular importance.

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Bodenoptimierung mit dem Pflug

Soil optimisation by the plough – is it even possible?

Turning soil with the plow, a more gentle conservation tillage or rather no-till – a question that many farms have to deal with again and again. Does the plow harm soil fertility or does it reduce the humus content of the soil by releasing carbon and thus even fuel climate change?

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