Was bedeutet Boden für dich?
LEMKEN Bodentour

SoilTour 2021

We take the farmers’ perspective and have started a SoilTour through Germany, in which we look closely at the diversity of soils.

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LEMKEN Bodentour Folge 5 Niederrhein-Soja Dierkes Genneper

SoilTour episode #5: Soybean cultivation in the Lower Rhine region

The LEMKEN SoilTour leads us to soybean cultivation in the Lower Rhine region. We show you in the video episode 5 what this means for soil cultivation.

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LEMKEN Bodentour Folge 4 Putenzucht

SoilTour Episode #4: Sowing on volcanic weathering soils in Hessen

Which challenges does a volcanic weathered soil present? Find out more information in episode 4.

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SoilTour Episode #3: Soil cultivation in specific areas of southern Lower Saxony

Today we talk about the special challenges with heterogeneous soils in Etzenborn.

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LEMKEN Bodentour Folge 2 Norbert Tyrell

SoilTour Episode #2: Ploughing in Oelde on very heavy soils

The challenge of heavy soils from sandy to marl. Discover here the challenges faced by the pig fattening farm in Oelde

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Bodentour Thilo Jäger

SoilTour Episode #1: Contractor in Lower Saxony

What is important when taking soil samples? We accompany a contractor at work.

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