Mission #2: Fighting the drought in agriculture

In the second mission, the L-team has to save the soil from drying out. Drought is not only a problem in Germany: farmers in many regions of France also fight against it almost every year. Farmer Romain Provot cultivates about 260 hectares of arable land in the west of France. The stony soils in the region are very dry in 2022 due to the persistently hot weather.

We know the consequences of drought for agriculture: water shortages and hot weather have devastating effects on soils, crops and harvests. So LEMKEN supports farmers in the fight against dry soils. Our weapon: the Rubin 10.

To prepare for the coming harvest, Romain Provot is looking for a cultivation solution for his stubble fields that leaves an even mulch layer at a low working depth. We are convinced that our short disc harrow can solve this challenge, and we send it out for a practical test. Does it also convince the farmer? Find out in the video!

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